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academia provincial

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Promoting chess in Cuba

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Academia Provincial de Ajedrez "José Raúl Capablanca"

Bringing chess culture back to Cuba

The application of this graphic identity in the chess academy "José Raúl Capablanca" will help its recognition and consolidate its status at national and international level, will allow an easy find of the institution within the area for tourists, as well as for the occasional passerby, and will create a sense of belonging for regular and occasional players, and will also attract new talents and spectators for the great cultural events that it hosts annually.

The main problem:

The lack of a graphic identity for the Chess Academy "Jose Raul Capablanca", which together with the National Sports Institute (INDER) is planning to hold the National Tournament dedicated to the anniversary of the founding of the village of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe (today Camagüey) as an official event, to crown the winners of the event as champions of Cuba in each category.


However, the Academy (the public institution where the tournament will be held) does not have a graphic identity image and of course this lack will affect the level of the event it will host.


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By promoting again the chess culture, a whole new market niche could be opened, attracting chess players from all over the world, and promoting again the international competitions and not only the national ones. Opening and exporting the natural talent that exists in the country, and helping to make the culture that exists in the country available to the whole world.
The creation of the graphic identity of the Chess Academy "José Raúl Capablanca" seeks the integration of this institution as part of the environment, which reflects the culture of this sport in the city of Camagüey and Cuba in general, and achieves the identification of the members of this institute and gives them a sense of belonging, as well as attracting new participants.

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   A city as important as Camagüey, Cuba, rich in art and folklore, could be thought to have a high level in the application of graphic design, contrary to that, in recent years, graphic design on the island has declined and is little used, with the development of this project is intended to give a colorful image to the institution and be a part of a new visual era in the city of Camagüey.

   The high profile that the Academy handles in society, allows a large field of recipients, giving them the opportunity to meet and live with better quality Graphic Design, bringing culture closer to them. The solution of visual problems through the ideas, development and application of skills leave a mark with this project within a city and a country so rich in beauty and culture.

In an international context, being in the current landscape protected as international heritage by UNESCO, it was essential to deliver the best result.

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For all academy stationery, two different ones were generated. One in full color, being the "formal" stationery for large and important events for the academy. And one in black and white, which is generated with the help of a stamp. This is a low-cost option for the academy and accessible for day-to-day use, since Cuba does not have large printing centers or the budget to produce this stationery on a regular basis.

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