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Brand exploration

Why a redesign?

After 30 years of "patching" the brand, there is no brand consistency between applications. Nowadays RATP is much more than just the Parisian subway, having big subsidiaries around the world.

The parameters

Not all the applications are bad, I only seek to unify the brand and give it direction through all visual and communication channels.

Reduce the costs so that it can be applied through all channels and that the user can still recognize the brand.

Modernize it but looking  for a “timeless” look, so that the new image can last at least another 30 years.

RATP process.jpg
RATP process2.jpg

The new logo

A logo inspired by the company's history, taking the current colors and the main idea of the 1976 logo, bringing both to a modern world. The italic shape of the font gives the sensation of speed. The "eyes" of the R, A and P, connote windows of any type of transportation.

The icons are slightly updated, to avoid confusion among users. Only the "Transilien" icon is fully updated, to keep it in the visual language of the other icons.

The brand is optimized to be applied in all subsidiaries of the brand and if the subsidiary has different offices, or products.

van RATP front and side.png
RATP logo2.jpg
RATP logo5.jpg
RATP logo1.jpg
RATP logo3.jpg


The project is very extensive, I covered the points that I think are most important to show the real scope that a change would have, but for a real application, we would have to rethink the complete signage system among other points.

RATP logo6.jpg
RATP logo4.jpg

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