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Plan your future

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Starting now

Investing and saving is something we always leave to the end of the month. Either because we do not know how to do it, because we have not decided what to do with that money or simply because we had never thought of doing it. 

Abbacus helps you reach your goals, whether they are short term, like saving for a trip, long term like buying a house or very long term, like planning our retirement.

With Abbacus' step-by-step guide, you will know where and when to put your money. Once these steps are done, let Abbacus automation take care of the rest. And before you know it, you'll be on that vacation you've been planning. 

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The process

abbacus branding is based on 2 main ideas. Solidity and warmth. It is a new but solid company that is not going anywhere and you can trust them with your money.


And warmth, because even when it comes to numbers and money, abbacus' service will make the difference. Explaining the how and why of the best decisions you can make.


Therefore, a typeface like Gilroy was taken, to express being solid for its geometric shapes, but with those slightly rounded tips, to imply the warmth of the brand.

For the colors, two shades of blue were chosen, a cold and somewhat corporate color. But when this color is combined with a canary yellow and a pink Maroon, the whole brand changes, now feeling friendlier and closer to the user.

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