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Brand new
onboarding screen

Dailymotion was ready to present its content in a more specific way, making subcategories of its 4 main content hubs: Sports, Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle. To do this, when the user enters the platform, the onboarding screen will show them these sub categories to curate more accurate content according to their tastes. That's when this project begins.

They also were looking to make this screen more dynamic, and incorporate movement to make it more entertaining and aligned with Dailymotion's brand, so they decided to use "lotties" (code-based animations) on both their website and application.

More than 30 different icons were developed for different sections, although only 10 are implemented for now.

The Brief

The brief was very clear, all icons had to have a minimum animation of 3 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds. Likewise, all icons had to follow Dailymotion's graphic identity, respecting the linear icons with rounded lines. And finally, not to use 3D or make it look like the icon was 3D. This last point was to maintain a consistency between all the icons and other internal and external applications of the brand.

Dailymotion background project Brand Designer Paris London Freelancer Studio Agency Eduardo Limon portfolio GIF


My part in this project was mainly to design and animate the icons following the brief, with the guidance of Dailymotion's Senior Creative Director, Goran Milanovic. Afterwards, Dailymotion's team of Product Designers lead by Miquel Mora (Head of Product Design) exported and implemented these animations into the new interface.

In this way, Dailymotion took another step forward in its effort to make its platform and applications more user friendly, dynamic and attractive to users. 

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