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Seamless payment

SlimPay's mission is simple, to make online (and in-person) shopping experiences as frictionless as possible. Fast and reliable for both parties.

To introduce the "Repeat economy" and their new product "SlimCollect" they needed to communicate these ideas in an easy and clear way, that's where our collaboration begins.

The repeat economy

Our first collaboration was for the video of "The Repeat Economy". This project, guided mainly by the Head of marketing, Ana Blanco, had a basic idea of how to communicate the script in a visual way. 

My work began by guiding them in finding the ideal way to do it, with their branding as a base and using a style evoking traditional frame-by-frame animation, giving a more handcrafted look to the final video.


For the second video, the basic idea was already decided, to use the same stop motion style for this project. In this case, the purpose of the video is to present their new product "SlimCollect".

In this way, both videos belong to the same graphic and visual story, unifying the brand in its motion graphics videos. 

In this way, SlimPay now has in its brand collateral, two excellent quality videos that can help them communicate both in social networks and events, their main goal as a company and one of their new products. 

In the same way, as these are their first motion graphics videos, they set a precedent for future projects in the brand application in visual formats.

Eduardo Limón Brand designer studio Paris London SlimPay France graphic designer.png

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