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Data visualization

When you visualize, they materialize.

Perfect, now you have your new brand identity. New logo, new visual supports and new tone of voice. What's the next step? Apply it. 

This was the case for Linkurious, which unveiled its new graphic identity at the end of 2021, but now this new brand had to be applied in all its touch points with users. Website, brochures, ebooks, social media, videos, newsletters, and more. That's where I take the project.

Mockup - Revista_3_Infinity.jpg

The color palette

Once the new branding was finished it was time to apply it.


During the application of the branding, we found certain needs that were not thought of or that simply started to emerge. For the color palette; error, warning and approval colors were added to be implemented in the user interface, as well as in illustrations that represent the interface.

With a new, abstract brand identity, Linkurious' communication has to be very clear. A strong brand, with colors that in its industry will be seen through the noise.

Together with the in-house marketing team, (Silvain Vernet, Cecilia Caron and Kathryn Peake) we designed a strategy for the correct application of the brand.

The brand has to be serious, as the customers in the industry are banks, insurance companies and criminal investigators. Linkurious is clear about its role in the industry; to help its clients catch criminals and put them behind bars.

Applying the brand

One of the main challenges was to be faithful to the new brand, but to try new ways of applying it in different formats. 


The application of the brand in different formats gave us great freedom in experimenting with how the brand expresses itself in different scenarios.

Social Media


Linkurious' main social network is LinkedIn, being a B2B company and in a totally professional environment. 

As in any other brand, it is key to maintain consistency between applications in social media and other applications, such as in a Newsletter for example.


Maintaining this unification between the message and the visual communication makes users or clients feel that they are still "talking" with the same company, generating trust and a more long-lasting relationship.


The icons

The icons proposed by the brand studio in charge of the project (Brand Brothers) are perfectly aligned with the brand created for Linkurious and its applications.


However, when applying these icons, it can be seen that the readability of the icons is lower expected. And more so in formats with large amounts of icons and text.


The cut they present on the blue circle makes users take longer to identify the icons and what they represent. In addition, due to the topics Linkurious deals with (crime, technological crime, scams, etc.). It is even more difficult to identify these icons. 


By simplifying the shape and using the blue circle as a support, but not as part of the icon, the reading is easier and they remain aligned to the brand.

Cohesive communication is planned for both print and digital communication (banners, videos and social media campaigns).


Being a new product and brand, the brand needs to be uniform across all touch points. 

Once the brand is more recognized in its industry and the brand icon can be separated from the brand, it will gradually begin to be done in different applications.

Flyer Mockup V3.png

The website

For the website, it was another agency specialized in security and dual identification that developed the project for Linkurious, however like any brand, a layout, illustrations and images are needed to go with and enrich the website. That's where my contribution comes in.

Together with the internal marketing team, all the illustrations and images that were missing for the website were made, covering all the needs of the brand.


From mockups like the one shown here, to landing pages for specific marketing campaigns.

Linkurious 2 laptop project Brand Designer Paris London Freelancer Studio Agency Eduardo L

Linkurious is a brand with an excellent product and an excellent brand strategy, which seeks to be in the places where its customers look for them.


Always with material for them to understand how their products can help them convert their criminal investigations and of course, help their current clients reach their goals.

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